Trendy scarves: fall winter 2013-2014 fashion colors

You may not be a fashion addict. Yet – sorry to say – there is no way you can avoid it. Soon, if not already the case, store windows will display fall-winter 2013-2014 rich and trendy colorful garments, promising to make the coming season brighter than we can imagine. If you think fashion is ephemeral and if you don’t want to “invest” into a pricy designer dress you will wear a few times, then it is time to invest into a silk scarf. Unlike dresses, silk scarves are timeless and versatile accessories you can easily wear as a discreet reminder of the current trend.

Here are some of the must have colors for the fall-winter 2013-2014.


Wear it in diverse tints. Sea green, lichen green, bright green, lime, emerald, jade, teal: pick the color which fits your complexion, your eyes and you hair color. But you gotta wear green. Pair it with purple, blue, orange, yellow, white, black or neutral tints. Whatever you prefer, you absolutely gotta wear green!

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