Time to welcome back men’s scarf!

Gentlemen, will you forgive me?

All my previous posts have been, so far, dedicated to my fellow sisters. You must think I have been pretty selfish… Sincere apologies, Gentlemen! Today’s post is for you, just for you… Yet, if you don’t mind, my fellow sisters are more than welcome to comment and to express their opinion about men’s scarves or men wearing scarves. Thanks!

Was I really selfish though? Not so sure.

Who, among you, wears a scarf on a regular basis? Unless you attend a wedding, you are having a sore throat (no worries – we, perfect wives-  are here to “baby sit” you), or you want to mimic a timeless character (Gary Grant maybe?), you rarely wear a scarf – I mean a silk scarf and not a wool winter scarf which remains pretty common and not really eye catching… right? Because it’s not trendy anymore or because you are afraid to look like Brummel, the ultimate dandy? Ah… these clichés ! They are so hard to fight.

Gary Grant: Silk scarf addict…
Because I am never tired of Gary Grant!

Time passing, the scarf has therefore become a sort of female prerogative.  And the only accessories we would let you enjoy without questioning your male authenticity were watches and ties…. Shame on me: not a word about men’ s scarves in my Scarf CD Book. Today I am catching up … in a sense!

But seriously, guys, if you are looking for someone to blame, please turn around to fashion designers and ask them why in fifty years or so, the scarf has never ever been decently represented on runways?

In case you would – wrongly – think that a scarf is a dandy thing, I will tell you that men’s scarves were a must in the 17th century. At that time, it was anything but a feminine accessory. Soldiers would wear one as a sign of their belonging to a regiment (useful on battle fields!). You, guys had so many ways to tie a scarf that it became an official and complex soldiers’ art written in manuals.

Tying guide. FOR MEN !

Many years later a silk scarf became the symbol to adventurous pilots. Hihi… that’s more or less when we, women, started to become pilots too and to steal your favorite accessory… (We are smart and opportunist, aren’t we???)

Amelia Earhart: The art of flying with a scarf!

Well, gentlemen , it’s time for fashion designers to pay back. The winter 2012-2013 is announced like a big scarf season for women AND men! Finally…

Here is what you may look like if you accept the challenge.

Your time to be stylish, guys :-)

When wearing a silk scarf, the rule for men is the opposite of the rule which applies to women. Whereas we want to display silk, you want to keep it discreet. So, forget about fluffy scarves. Yours will be tight, always “under control”, and carefully tucked into your shirt. Exhibiting too much fabric would be inappropriate. This is the code. For you. Not for us…. We fortunately have more options. Sorry about that!

Lost ? doesn’t seem so complicated though…
Modern way…

Gentlemen are you on for the men’s scarf trend???

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