► Fancy ways to wear several scarves at the same time!

You don’t have one favorite scarf color… You love plenty of them!

Time to be different, to be unique! Think out of the box with intertwined scarves or fancy braided scarves. Explore new ways to zest up your outfit with several colorful scarves you’ll wear at the same time. ANNE TOURAINE Paris large collection of chiffon silk scarves allows you to create many fun, original, and delightfully personal styles.

Ingredient #1: scarves!

Colorful polka dot silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

Then then… It’s the beginning of fun. You will love wearing several scarves at the same time… To read more and to get ideas, click on http://annetouraine.com/blogs/news/13756121-fancy-ways-to-wear-several-scarves-at-the-same-time

Then enjoy ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ chiffon silk collection at http://annetouraine.com/collections/chiffon-silk-stoles-by-anne-touraine-paris

Special flash sale! Today (May, 15 2014) only until 11:50pm: 30% OFF on all ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ chiffon silk scarves. Don’t miss it! Discount Code FLASH30 – to be applied at checking out.


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